Yourautocar Web Site Agreement

This page contains a disclaimer or denial about all sorts of content on the blog http://yourautocar.blogspot.com/ 


Articles written in Blog http://yourautocar.blogspot.com/ occasionally adopting or referring from another blog. Here I put together a few articles with the same theme uniting and re-write the article, forming an integrated article needed by the reader. 


For pictures, I rarely use my own picture, because it is not easy to find and photograph printer, or logos. For pictures, I use the images contained in google image search, here I realized that basically every image has uploaded Copyright owned by the Uploader. I make this disclaimer when posting articles I've reached 100 articles. for the next post, I will try to include the source of the image (the main page of the source), this is done to prevent accidental copyright piracy. However, before I'm sorry, I can not turn the image links. If you are the owner of the image if not deign to it, you can email me at razaq17@gmail.com and I will remove your pictures. Thank you for your cooperation :) 


Regarding the template, I used a template righ cornet owner listed below. So far there is no intention to remove the name of the template, the main reason because we really appreciate the hard work of the creator of the template, so it stupid if I remove the name from this template. 


1. http://yourautocar.blogspot.com/ does not host any of the software and driver files displayed on this site. 
2 You download files from another host service. (Not from http://yourautocar.blogspot.com/) 
3. All software files you download from http://yourautocar.blogspot.com/ is a freeware or trial version. 

Thank you for your cooperation :)