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Kia Venga 2014 Review

Kia Venga 2014 Review ~ In spite of the fact that Kia has a history in the consistent B-portion with two eras of the Rio hatchback, the Kia Venga is its first B-section MPV, opening underneath the Carens and Sedona. Guardian organization Hyundai has its own adaptation of the Venga, the ix20, which utilizes the same motors and case and, even to Hyundai and Kia supervisors, looks simply on the verge of excessively comparable.

The greatest distinction between the two autos is the guarantee – seven years and 100,000 miles-worth for the Kia and five years yet with no mileage limit for the Hyundai. While Kia is scarcely being timid and resigning in the naming of its most recent little auto –'venga' is Spanish for 'go ahead' – the organization is keeping away from calling the Venga a MPV. Which is weird, on the grounds that to our eyes the Venga's augmented head room and customizable back seats mark it out as precisely that. Kia says it is rather a B-section (think Ford Fiesta size) hatchback yet with extended extents for expanded inner part space, and as being what is indicated is focused at downsizing families.

Kia Venga 2014 Review

In the UK the Venga extent comprises of only three motors, each with four chambers. There is one diesel – a 89bhp 1.4-liter unit that wears Kia's Ecodynamics emblem – and two petrol models, one a 1.6 delivering 124bhp and just accessible with a four-rate auto gearbox, and the other a 1.4 with 89bhp.


The Kia Venga is focused around the Kia Soul hybrid, with the wheelbase extended by 65mm. It is this change that characterizes the Venga's fundamental offering point. Its length is approximately 20cm shorter than a Kia Cee'd, yet it has very nearly the same wheelbase, importance liberal inside space for the general foot shaped impression.

Kia Venga 2014 Review
Kia Venga 2014 Review
The Venga is the first creation Kia to be outlined without any preparation by Kia's new outline chief, Peter Schreyer (ex-Audi), and nearly takes after the No3 Concept, the main huge contrast being the substitution of the idea's consolidated surrounding windscreen and top. Notwithstanding, an ordinary surrounding top is accessible on the top-spec Venga 3.

As an aftereffect of the stretched wheelbase, the front and back shades are generally short. This, alongside the wide track, gives the Venga a moderately squat stance, serving to shroud the tallness. At 1.6m it is taller than a routine hatchback.


Kia Venga 2014 Review
This is seemingly the most essential class in this specific survey, on the grounds that most importantly else it is inside space and adaptability that the Kia Venga guarantees. What's more as far as immaculate centimeters it conveys. In advance there is a decent scope of driving positions, with a stature movable seat in addition to controlling achieve and rake development being standard on all trim levels.

Kia Venga 2014 Review
There is additionally a noteworthy cluster of cubbyholes of shifting sizes, various which settle between the front seats and which will all things considered swallow an exceptional sum. The plan is not especially alluring however it is in any event utilitarian.


Kia Venga 2014 Review
Kia Venga 2014 
In spite of the fact that we have low desires of what a 1.4-liter 89bhp family runabout can attain to, the Kia Venga demonstrated disappointingly moderate amid our tests. It is less the 0-60mph time of 13.1sec, yet the execution past this point that looks a bit drowsy.

Kia Venga 2014
2014 Kia Venga
What we can report with more certification is that at lower speeds and lower revs the motor feels observably stronger; at town and A-street velocities (up to 50mph) the Venga is sufficiently energetic. Both petrol motors emphasize constantly variable valve timing, which implies four-fifths of the 1.4's most extreme 101lb ft of torque is accessible.

Kia Venga 2014 Price

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0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
1.4 CRDi 1 5dr   104mph 119g/km 62.80mpg £12 445
1.4 CRDi 1 Air 5dr   104mph 119g/km 62.80mpg £13 245
1.4 CRDi 2 5dr   104mph 119g/km 62.80mpg £14 345
1.4 EcoDynamics 1 5dr   104mph 130g/km 50.40mpg £11 145
1.4 EcoDynamics 1 Air 5dr   104mph 130g/km 50.40mpg £11 945
1.4 EcoDynamics 2 5dr   104mph 130g/km 50.40mpg £13 045
1.6 2 5dr Auto   110mph 154g/km 43.50mpg £14 780
1.6 3 5dr Auto   110mph 154g/km 43.50mpg £16 160
1.6 3 5dr Auto [Sat Nav]   110mph 154g/km 43.50mpg £17 155
1.6 CRDi EcoDynamics 3 5dr   113mph 117g/km 64.20mpg £16 525
1.6 CRDi EcoDynamics 3 5dr [Sat Nav]   113mph 117g/km 64.20mpg £17 520
1.6 EcoDynamics 3 5dr   114mph 139g/km 47.90mpg £15 110
1.6 EcoDynamics 3 5dr [Sat Nav]   114mph 139g/km 47.90mpg £16 105