Thursday, 1 January 2015

Kia Pro Ceed 2014 Review

Kia Pro Ceed 2014 Review - be concise about everything except the historical backdrop of Kia's little family autos, in light of the fact that vehicles like the Shuma and Mentor — and the Cerato that supplanted them — can't measure up to the Cee'd.

It was the point at which it dispatched the Cerato that Kia, a backup of Hyundai, initially began making clamors about needing the pair to be a main five worldwide auto producer by 2010. A confident case given the model reach it had in those days, less so now that its presenting autos comparable to the Cee'd, of which this is its third body subordinate (after the 5dr portal and SW), and Hyundai's i30, with which it imparts a stage.

Kia Pro Ceed 2014 Review

However the entry of this Procee'd means an alternate stamped flight for Kia; its the first model in the association's history to put usefulness to one side and lead with charm. For not at all like the larger part of C-fragment hatch makers, Kia has styled the three-entryway Cee'd to look essentially unique in relation to its five-entryway relative trying to add a little energy to the brand.


There are only two normal body boards between the three and five-entryway Cee'd models: the cap and front wings. Everything else is new.

Kia Pro Ceed 2014
Kia Pro Ceed 2014
With a lower roofline and slimmer glasshouse, the Procee'd has a discernibly sleeker profile, which if nothing else gives a reasonable separation in the middle of it and the general portal. It's a visual trap helped by updated guards units, both front and back, adding 15mm to the general length. To our eyes, the cleaner prefacelift configuration had more bid, however even post-style changes the Pro Cee'd is a gorgeous auto.

Like the greater part of its rivals, the Cee'd has shed pounds in its change to three entryways, yet the Kia sheds a genuine 84kg, useful for both economy and execution.


Other than a somewhat diverse completion to the fake metal painted plastic, the dash is indistinguishable to that of the five-entryway. Which is no terrible thing.

Kia Pro Ceed 2014
The completion in a few regions is tantamount to all else in the class. In spite of the fact that the Procee'd may not exactly match the inner part vibe of the Golf or as of late fettled Focus, it is positively sufficient to warrant thought, and particularly given the liberal supplies count.

Regardless of the inherited dash structure, the Procee'd's reexamined roofline does give the lodge a more centered and somewhat donning feel. With both achieve and rake development in the guiding, and stature change for the driver's seat, the rudder ought to provide food for generally shapes.

Kia Pro Ceed 2014
Despite the fact that the back convenience is satisfactorily roomy, access is definitely not. The issue is not the gap, yet the front seats. On the traveler's side we couldn't get the shoulder-mounted lever to slide the front seat forward, keeping in mind this did take a shot at the driver's side, the memory capacity did not.


Kia offers its 1.6-liter basic rail diesel motor in three force yields, of which our test auto was the 114bhp, creating its top force at an extremely respectable 4000rpm, and 188 lb ft crest torque at 1900-2750rpm.

Kia Pro Ceed 2014
Kia Pro Ceed 2014
There's a decent, expansive spread of force, with little slack even at low revs and a readiness to turn towards 5000rpm. On MIRA's test tracks the Procee'd dealt with the 0-60mph dash in 10.6sec and would have gone speedier were it not for the unmanageable gearshift of our test sample, which was hesitant to acknowledge first and in some cases second rigging.

Kia Pro Ceed 2014
Kia Pro Ceed 2014
Notwithstanding, we've driven a lot of different Cee'ds with the same gearbox to realize that typically its a sweet-moving unit. The facelift brought a sixth proportion to the gearbox, which must be had as a manual in the event that you need a diesel unit. For an auto you must settle on the 1.6 petrol, and, after its all said and done it is a four-pace single-grip issue that would be best evaded. Try for the 114 or 126bhp diesel for the best mod

Kia Pro Ceed 2014 Price

Model 0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
1.4 1 3dr Hatchback 12.50secs 112mph 139g/km 48.70mpg £12 530
1.4 VR-7 3dr Hatchback 12.50secs 112mph 139g/km 48.70mpg £12 030
1.6 2 3dr Auto Hatchback 11.40secs 116mph 158g/km 42.80mpg £14 880
1.6 CRDi 2 3dr Hatchback 11.10secs 117mph 118g/km 62.80mpg £15 145
1.6 CRDi 3 3dr Hatchback 11.10secs 117mph 119g/km 62.80mpg £16 545
1.6 CRDi 4 3dr Hatchback 10.60secs 122mph 119g/km 62.80mpg £18 345
1.6 CRDi 89 2 EcoDynamics 3dr Hatchback 12.90secs 107mph 103g/km 72.40mpg £15 145
1.6 CRDi VR-7 3dr Hatchback 13.50secs 107mph 113g/km 65.70mpg £13 345