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Kia Carens Review 2014

Kia Carens Review 2014 - Given the gleaming reports and warm acclaim consistently lavished on Korean car creator Kia for its latest run of new and amended models, it may come as something of an astonishment to discover there are still a few less contemporarily swarm satisfying models prowling in the current line-up. The Kia Carens MPV is one such case, an asylum between the gradually enhancing past era of cars and its most recent swarm pleasers.

The current Carens was a ground-up trade for the past era car of the same name in 2006, and from that point forward, not an extraordinary arrangement has changed. It's accessible as a five or seven-seater, and with a decision of either petrol or the most recent Crdi diesel motors. There's a 130bhp, 116lb ft 1.6-liter petrol motor accessible just in the least expensive, section level "1" five-seater, which accompanies a five-pace gearbox and a guaranteed 39.2mpg and 174g/km of Co2 outflows on the joined cycle.

Kia Carens Review 2014

Kia Carens Review 2014
Yet while the Crdi motor is an impeccably adequate entertainer (0-60mph in 12.1sec and a top rate of 111mph are unremarkable however not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone's mind), the Carens is likewise right away forgettable to drive. Ride and taking care of are no match for the current yield of MPV class pioneers, keeping in mind it doesn't precisely grind, not one or the other does it give any feeling of happiness. What it does do, at slightest as a commonsense and adaptable seven-seater, is acceptably meet the MPV concise of no-complain transport that is not difficult to drive, reasonably priced and shoddy to run, in the event that, it must be said, somewhat on the dull side.

Kia Carens Review 2014
It additionally feels decently screwed together. The seats are a bit slight for solace on more voyages, however overall the bundling works fine, despite the fact that there are no cunning or keen design touches. The center seats slide and lean back and everything rearwards of the driver creases level. However the 'amazement and enjoyment' features of the Carens' rivals are absent. So the lodge isn't anyplace close as astute as it could or ought to be and it is flooded with hard plastics, yet the development is strong, the design natural, and the general feel totally innocuous.

Kia Carens Review 2014
Baggage space in the five-seaters is a sensible 430 liters with the seats up, growing to a liberal 2106 liters with the seats collapsed. Interestingly, the seven-seat "2" and "3" models get only 74 liters with all the seats being used.

Standard unit in the "1" models incorporates air-con, composites, electric windows all round and journey control; '2's include a caution, Blutetooth and Mp3 integration, while the "3" gets atmosphere control, cowhide and stopping sensors.

Kia Carens Review 2014
The Carens isn't awful, yet its unrealistic to top numerous individuals' dream motoring lists of things to get. For those more keen on where they're going than how they get there, the Carens could make for an impeccably satisfactory approach to transport up to six travelers (giving they don't have much gear with them and the last two are little). Flawlessly adequate, yes, if totally unremarkable and not precisely alluring.

Kia Carens 2014 Price

Name 0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
1.6 1 5dr Estate 11.20secs 111mph 174g/km 38.20mpg £13 780
1.6 CRDi 1 5dr Estate 12.10secs 112mph 149g/km 49.60mpg £15 215
1.6 CRDi 2 5dr [7 Seat] Estate 12.10secs 111mph 146g/km 49.60mpg £16 715
1.6 CRDi 3 5dr [7 Seat] Estate 12.10secs 111mph 146g/km 49.60mpg £18 215