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New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review

This article talk about New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review. The Toyota Corolla has been one amongst the popular little sedans within the U.S. marketplace for decades, and its penny-pinching, untroubled name is what is buoyed that. Meanwhile, the small-car field has evolved chop-chop, with a lot of sexy appearance, various in-car technology, and slicker handling. astonishingly, Toyota has stepped out of its temperature and stepped up; with the all-new 2014 Corolla , it\'s doing quite simply punching in at the clock—with a completely competent, even pleasant compact sedan you would possibly really select for reasons apart from the bean-counting bottom line.

Throughout the all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla , you will find serious amendment, together with enhancements in styling, comfort, and options. most significantly, perhaps, this stalwart model appearance poised to shed a number of its unemotional, conservative look in favor of one thing a lot of esthetically appealing and spirited.

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
Sporty Corolla  S models stand distinct; they get a blacked-out grille before with fog lamps flanking a a lot of aggressive airdam. There’s additionally AN integrated rear spoiler that visually lifts the tail and sharpens the design alittle.

Under the hood of the Corolla  you will find one amongst 2 one.8-liter four-cylinder engines. The L, LE, and S trim Corolla\'s square measure steam-powered by a base one.8-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 132 H.P. and 128 pound-feet of torsion. Those seeking most fuel potency can need the LE Eco trim with its one.8-liter four-cylinder engine that includes Valvematic, that encompasses a broader vary of unendingly variable valve temporal arrangement and will increase fuel economy and engine output by quite 5 p.c to 140-horsepower. whereas the bottom Corolla  troopers on with either a six-speed manual transmission or AN optional  four-speed transmission system, the LE, S, and LE Eco models all use a unendingly variable transmission (CVT). 

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
Inside the Corolla  is a lot of conservative than that exterior would possibly suggest; nonetheless it takes a breakthrough with improved materials and a two-tier style that effectively pushes the corners of the cabin outward, for an on the spot impression of enhanced house. The dashboard is currently a soft-touch material, whereas pinstripe accents square measure strewn regarding the cabin on the dashboard and door panels. S models instead have seats that mix leather-like Softex bolsters with coarse, color-toned materials in between.
On the protection front, the 2014 Corolla  has eight commonplace airbags beside Toyota\'s Star Safety system, which has vehicle stability management, traction management, anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, and brake assist. there is additionally Toyota\'s commonplace sensible Stop Technology brake-override system.

Feature-wise, the large news is that Toyota is stepping up its film game the Corolla , and transfer it out of the Dark Ages with the supply of Toyota\'s latest Entune film system, that includes navigation and apps in some models.

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
In all, one factor the Corolla  does not stray aloof from is its low valuation and high price. a totally loaded LE still runs simply $22,570, and includes a moonroof and nearly all of these mentioned options. The frugality\'s still there--just with a trifle a lot of aptitude. 


The Toyota Corolla  has continually been a inexpensive, value-oriented car; however United Nations agency says that needs to look therefore plain and boring? whereas alternative automakers have stepped up with a lot of exciting styles for compacts in recent years—yes, we\'re talking regarding the Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Dart, and others—Toyota is doing quite simply punching during this time, with a New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review that you just would possibly really look with longing at.

Proportions square measure an enormous a part of what makes the new Corolla\'s style undefeated. The new Corolla  is regarding 3 inches longer than the previous version, with nearly four inches of extra wheelbase—altogether putting the wheels so muchther bent the corners and giving the Corolla  a far sportier stance.

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
Up front, a open  lower grille and angular headlights do their best to offer the Corolla  an effort of endocrine, whereas an outlined character line runs the length of the vehicle meeting the wrap-around taillights, that commit to offer the Corolla  visual dimension. Door handles flare outward and become their own complementary style statement with the facet creases. And Toyota points out that moving to AN crystal rectifier style for the headlamps (for the low beams) helped enable the corner of the vehicle to be a lot of rounded.

Sporty Corolla  S models look clearly totally different than the remainder. They get a blacked-out grille before with fog lamps flanking a a lot of aggressive airdam. There’s additionally AN integrated rear spoiler that visually lifts the tail and sharpens the design alittle.

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
All models have a brand new three-dial gauge cluster with chrome trim except the S model, that options a two-gauge gauge cluster containing a three.5-inch black-and-white TFT show with trip laptop functions. All the opposite models within the lineup have a three-gauge look with silver accents. Base models have a iron blue material, whereas LE ANd LE Eco models have an upgraded material.  

The volume LE model is accessible in seven totally different exterior hues, whereas each the bottom L and therefore the LE Eco square measure restricted to four exterior colours and therefore the Corolla  S isn’t offered in Evergreen mineral (green).


The Corolla  lineup encompasses a long-established name for performance that’s adequate and fuel-efficient, although hardly galvanized. That abundant hasn’t changed; however the 2014 Toyota Corolla  makes some substantial steps ahead in powertrain technology that serve to form this compact sedan each a lot of fuel-efficient and a lot of responsive and fun-to-drive than before. From a performance stand, abundant of the lineup has performance that is satisfying for those modest expectations. however if you happen to decide on the showy Corolla  S, you may find yourself with a model that feels refined on the far side its $19.870 entry value.

While the engine, steering, and basic layout of the 2014 Toyota Corolla  hasn’t modified radically, the innovation that almost all Corolla  consumers square measure progressing to encounter issues the transmission. nearly the base-model Corolla  L will be equipped with a brand new unendingly variable transmission system (CVT). This ‘gearless’ transmission uses a belt-and-pulley system to infinitely vary the quantitative relation (within a collection span), effectively keeping the engine in its sweet spot throughout acceleration and creating dashes up to hurry plenty faster than otherwise.
New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review

Through abundant of the lineup the engine is actually carry-over—a 132-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, with twin variable quantity valve temporal arrangement. it is a swish engine  unassertive acceleration {and little|and tiny|and little} if any of the ‘drone’ that plagues CVTs in economical small cars.

LE Eco models get a brand new Valvematic version of this same engine, that encompasses a special system that unendingly controls the elevate, further because the temporal arrangement, of the intake valves—allowing them to ‘float’ once coasting and cut back drag once lightweight on the throttle at higher speeds. At an equivalent time, the system widens the torsion curve—although peak torsion is truly two lb-ft lower, at 126 lb-ft.

The showy Corolla  S model will be had with the manual case (the base model is that the solely alternative model with it), however the S encompasses a special withstand the CVT. during this model, the CVT basically pretends it’s a seven-speed automatic, with seven planned ratios that you just will cycle through with paddle shifters. There’s additionally a Sport mode.

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
Corolla S models get a rather wider, leather-trimmed handwheel, further as shift paddles, that here square measure extremely extended buttons on the rear of the handwheel.

While abundant has modified, alternative things keep an equivalent. Base and LE, and LE Eco models square measure expected to comprise the majority of sales, and they’re sprung quite softly, with a ride that’s not solely a trifle softer however additionally alittle busier (counterintuitively) than that of the S on overstrung backroads.

On the opposite hand, on the LE Eco model, hit the separate Eco button engages a softer throttle standardization and uses the A/C mechanical device a lot of cautiously.

New Toyota Corolla 2014 Review
Corolla \'S Plus\' and \'S Premium\' models embody rear disc brakes. Across the lineup, whereas stops square measure assured, our solely consistent criticism is that brake-pedal feel is on the spongy facet.