Monday, 14 July 2014

BMW 3 Series E90 Review

BMW has always been known as an exciting car driven, not least the last generation BMW 3 Series E90. Now you can get it as an inexpensive mobkas

Having a car is a dream of many premium automotive enthusiasts. Prime quality, stunning detail, and high technology always thrilling before deciding to buy. Not to mention the prestige and pride that will be given this car.

With a fairly high price, the premium car manufacturer is able to more freely provide something different for its users. And BMW already plugging a fun image of a car driven by accurate control.

Among the entire BMW lineup, 3-Series has always been the most popular. Dimensions are compact enough to ride alone in the car and is always at the forefront of issues driving dynamics than its class rivals.

BMW 3 Series E90
The latest generation 3-Series E90 presenting coded dynamics far above its predecessor. Cars on the market since 2005, even today remains the best in terms of accuracy control.

Compared to the previous generation (E46) 3-Series E90 49 mm longer and 78 mm wider. So if before the passenger is always criticized on the 3-Series, the generation of significant repair.

With the addition of high levels of aluminum in the body and engine, the E90 weighs not far adrift from its predecessor.

BMW 3 Series E90
One of the E90 is a technological leap in the application of run flat tire (RFT). These tires allow you drove 150 miles with a maximum speed of 80 km / h even though no wind at all in it. As a result you do not need a spare tire takes up trunk volume.


BMW 3 Series E90
As the use of age, can sometimes occur in multiple system malfunctions car. The simplest way to monitor whether the check is no warning lights illuminated. Also check the message on the on-board computer system that will tell you what was wrong with the car. If found something suspicious, it's good to be brought into the formal workshop held BMW to thorough checks.

Service Record

BMW 3 Series E90
BMW provides an inclusive service for all its products including Series-3. So in the first 5 years should be treated in authorized workshops. However it is worth checking whether it is still being done after a period of regular treatment in authorized workshops. This is crucial because BMW requires special treatment so that the quality and durability is assured.


Because it does not have a spare tire, you should pay attention to correct tire condition. Be sure to keep using RFT tires and in good condition. If the tires have less good condition, use it to correct selling price because it takes quite a lot of money to buy a new RFT tires.

Violent Suspension

BMW 3 Series E90
Because it was created for high dynamics and also features an anti-flat tires are hard, slamming on the BMW 3-Series is quite stiff. Make sure it does not interfere with your driving, and do a test on the road to feel it.

Cat in dash

BMW gives a soft touch in the interiors for luxury. But unfortunately this is not so soft material to resist heat and scratches. You must check all parts of the interior, especially the dash to find the flaw.

Rear Seat

If you're the type who use the services of a driver, rear seat comfort should be considered. While there is enough leg room, make sure the rear seat backrest erectness according to your taste. Because some votes too upright. BMW's own design as it is the most healthy sitting position.