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Hummer was a complete of trucks and SUVs World Health Organization initial sold-out in 1992 by AM General once they began commerce a civilian version of the M998 Humvee models .

In 1998, General Motors purchased the complete and sells 3 models of vehicles : the first Hummer H1 models , the bottom of the Humvee , the Hummer H2 and also the Hummer H3 were taken from the bottom models of GM\'s vehicle platforms .

Business viability of this complete has been evaluated by weight unit management since 2008 . The complete wasn\'t transferred to Motors Liquidation Company once weight unit went bankrupt in 2009 . weight unit plans to sell this complete .

China\'s Szechwan province Tengzhong automotive company significant Industrial Machinery Company in 2009 same that they might take the complete Hummer , unfinished approval of the Chinese government . Even so , eventually the Chinese company is canceling its supply when they didn\'t get approval from the govt. . in step with Reuters , Ministry of Commerce People\'s Republic of China rejects this Agreement on the date of February twenty four, 2010 .

End of February 2010 , General Motors proclaimed that they might eventually shut this complete . 2 days later , weight unit proclaimed once more that they got a replacement supply when negotiations with Szechwan province Tengzhong couldn\'t be completed .

In April 2010 , the sale of Hummer finally stopped and Hummer dealerships began closed. After meet the demand for a letting company of huge enough quantities , a Hummer H3 last finally came out of the manufacturing plant metropolis.

There is three type of Hammer

1. Hummer H1

Hummer H1
The Hummer H1 could be a civilian cross-country vehicle supported the M998 Humvee, that was created by AM General. The vehicle was made from 1992 through 2006, and was the primary of what became the Hummer line. it had been ab initio legendary solely because the \"Hummer\"; but, in 1999 during a venture between General Motors and AM General, gram began promoting the Hummer H2, that was designed on a heavily changed GMC 2500HD chassis. Click here to read more about H1

2. Hummer H2

Hummer H2
The Hummer H2 debuted in 2003 as an endeavor by Hummer and parent company General Motors to supply one thing to a small degree a lot of sensible than the exotic, designed-for-military-use H1. comparatively sensible although it\'s going to are, the Hummer H2's giant size and U.S. military Humvee-inspired styling still created it stand out sort of a perspiring heavyweight boxer attending a Friday-night knitting category. Click here to read more about H2

3. Hummer H3

Hummer H3
GM designed the 2006 Hummer H3 version is incredibly abundant completely different from the previous version of the H1 and H2, that incorporates a smaller body and is meant to check SUVs, In Indonesia alone Cars Hummer H3 by General bourgeois began to enter in 2008. Of all the models ever made models of H3 is that the popular models, garnering seventy four p.c of sales of all sorts of cars Hummer. Click here to read more about H3